Week 7 has flown by and come to a close. We had another wonderful week with great guests. The weather did not seem to cooperate this week. It seemed like when it wasn’t crazy windy there was lightning and pouring rain. This did not affect the fishing too much. In between the storms we had another great week of fishing.

Walleyes are on the humps and schooling up on the tops of them in large numbers. We saw some of the bigger fish caught out in the 16-20’ range, but most of our eater fish were caught on the tops of the humps in 10-14 feet. Leeches and slip bobbers were the ticket most of the week. When it was too windy for that we still had lots of fish caught on bottom. When fishing on bottom, the walleyes liked the minnows slightly more.

Bass are now completely off the beds and are pushing deeper towards the break lines. Crank baits are getting them very good. Also leeches are working well for them.

Pike are moving towards rocks. We didn’t have many guests targeting the pike but we heard a lot of 14-16” walleyes being chased by the big pike on the humps.

Perch fishing is heating up in the weeds. The best bait for them was crawlers under a bobber.

Happy fishing to all!

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