Week 6 is in the books! Crazy how fast time is flying by this year. This week was a fantastic week of fishing. When you see our guides getting really excited talking about how good the day was, that’s when you know the fishing is on fire!

Walleyes have moved out to the humps finally! This is our favorite time of year, because the walleyes get concentrated in large numbers. When the fish get concentrated and start feeding, it can be chaotic in the boat! Leeches became the choice early on in the week. The best fishing was using slip bobbers with leeches. The guides also did well using the jig and a leech on the bottom method. Fish are being found around 12 feet of water. 1St hump, Little Duck, Burnt, Shore Lunch, and Whale Rock have been the hot spots this week.

Bass are now pretty much off of the beds but are still very active and feeding hard in shallow water (3-6ft.) Crank baits and soft plastics in the rocks seem to be the way to go.

We did not see a huge number of big northern this week. Our best guess is that they are in a transition period similar to what the walleyes were in last week. They are starting to show up on the humps chasing after small bass and small walleyes. Bulldawgs and big crank baits should start to produce here very soon.

We had a lot of trophy size fish caught and released this week, including 2 over 30 walleyes and countless big bass! Some guys were chasing muskies, but didn’t boat any. They saw 2-3 in the 50 inch range!!

Also it has been brought to our attention that we have been informed wrong in the past and therefore informing our guests wrong about shore lunch fish. MNR rules are you cannot have filleted fish in the boat with you while fishing. Each fish needs to be measurable. We understand that this may be inconvenient for those who get their shore lunch fish cleaned the evening before, but those are the laws and we don’t want to get any of our guests fined for it. We can, however clean all of your freezer fish and wrap them as always and if you bring fish in and say they are eaters we will continue to clean them like always. We just need to let everyone know that it is not legal to have filleted fish in the boat. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about this.

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