Another week flew by! We are now half way through our fishing season. This week was another windy week. We have never seen this much wind in July before. We are in need of rain. The lake is very low and there have been lots of new forest fires started recently. We are going to send propane cookers with everyone next week, no open fires. There is no fire ban yet, but there needs to be.

Walleye fishing was great this week. Lots of huge fish in the 25-28” range were caught. Lots of new guests caught tons of walleyes. Slip bobbers and leeches were still key, but jig and minnows started to work towards the end of the week. No 30+ inch fish caught this week but some close.

Bass have moved to the deeper break lines and humps. Some giants in the 18-20” range were caught and released.

Pike fishing picked up this week, especially on the humps. Some nice fish in the 30” range were caught.

Muskies! Muskies have been more active this past week with some nice fish caught in the 40-47” range. We really want to stress that if you want to try for muskies please bring proper equipment before you even attempt to fish for them. These fish are old and need to be treated with care, especially in warm water. A large muskie net, hook cutters, jaw spreaders, long pliers are a must. Also, an actual musky rod and 65lb line minimum.

Happy Fishing!

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