Hi everyone! Another week of fishing is in the books! This week we had some beautiful weather, maybe too beautiful if you are a fisherman. High skies, hot, no wind, and sunny all week right up to Friday. The hot weather led up to some spread out pop up storms all afternoon Friday, which shot out a half a day of fishing for most.

Walleye fishing this week was by far the toughest week we have seen all year. The walleyes are in their transition to deeper water (humps,) which means they aren’t feeding a lot, and add in the hot, sunny, no wind weather, it made for a tough week for some. The best way they were catching fish this week was minnows, but leeches picked up really well towards Friday. Although it was tough we still saw a high number of big fish in the 27+ range. The biggest one was caught on 1st hump and it was 31 inches long!

Bass were not hard to catch. They are going crazy on top water baits and anything else you can put in front of them. We saw lots of bass in the 18-20 inch range. Large numbers of bass were caught on rubber worms, night crawlers and leeches.

Northern were plentiful as always this week, however there weren’t many big, big ones caught like there were last week. The big northern are moving towards deeper water and are expected to be on deep weed lines and humps soon.

We hope everyone coming up soon has a great trip! Safe travels and happy fishing!


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