Hi everyone! It has been an extremely busy summer for us here at Manotak Lodge in Northwest Ontario. We apologize for not doing weekly fishing reports like last year. We promise the fishing has been phenomenal and we will do a better job next year on getting these written more frequently. Here is a quick recap of how fishing has gone this summer.

2019 has been the best year for walleye that we have ever seen! We have lost track of how many fish in the upper 20s have been caught. A rough estimate on the number of 30 inchers would be around 20-25 30 inchers caught. So far, it has been extremely easy walleye fishing all year. We have had more than a couple groups have days where they catch 75-100 walleyes and a lot of those fish being over the 18” mark. CATCH AND RELEASE WORKS!!!!!!!

Pike fishing has been good, as always. It has been an average year for pike. Lots of eater pike have been caught and eaten and lots of trophy pike have been caught and released. A couple pike have even been caught and released in the 40-inch range. In the springtime, frozen bait was key to pike fishing and later on the big fish started biting on deep diving crank baits, jerk baits, and swim baits. Eater pike are still being caught by the hundreds in the weed beds on spinners and spoons.

Bass fishing has been good, as always. We have actually seen the bass biting better at the end of August than we have ever seen them bite before. The bass seemed to stay shallow right to the end of July this year. July 20th we were sight fishing for bass in 3 feet of water in the rocks with rubber worms and tube jigs. Drop shots are working well for the bass now that they have moved deep.

Perch fishing has been good, as always. What more can we say?

Musky fishing has been good this year. We have seen a few more musky fishermen than average this year and they have produced some very nice, big fish. Nobody has broken the 50-inch mark this year but there have been plenty of fish caught between 45 and 49 inches!

It has been a wonderful year so far, and we would like to thank all of the guests that have vacationed with us for making it a very memorable year. We will be posting another blog when the last guests leave, giving everyone a fall fishing and hunting report and a season recap. Look for it around the first of October. Bookings for 2020 are ahead of schedule with several weeks near 100% capacity. If you are thinking about a fishing trip to world-class Manotak Lodge in 2020, book early for the best cabin and week choices! www.manotak.com or 800-541-3431

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Happy fishing from all of us at Manotak Lodge!

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