Hi everyone! The 2019 fishing season has come and gone almost as fast as it got here. We had a fantastic year here at camp (our busiest year ever) and we are looking forward to an even busier year next year. We would like to thank each and every guest who spent their vacation with us this year. You all make our jobs so much fun.

Walleye fishing was at an all time high this summer. It was truly unbelievable. The fishing is always good but this year was incredible. We saw probably 30-35 fish caught and released over 30” and the numbers of fish were amazing too. We had multiple groups of 2 telling us they had one or more days where they caught roughly 100 walleyes with most of those being over the 18” mark. Now we understand that not every day of every week is like that but it is fantastic fishing either way. Fishing is better and better every year and it is all because of conservation. We will still be STRICTLY enforcing the nothing over 18” rule on walleye and strongly encourage all guests to be considerate of the lake and not take more than you need and especially to abide by the law and not take more than your allowed limit.

Bass and northern fishing didn’t disappoint either. We saw quite a few northern in the 40” range this year and TONS of bass in the 18-20” range. Usual spots were producing these fish all year!

Musky fishing was also very productive this year. Pretty sure nobody broke the 50” mark but we lost track of how many muskies in the mid to high 40s were caught. Seemed to be a good bucktail and topwater bite this year.

We are booking up very fast for the 2020 season, so if you haven’t reserved your spot you probably should get it booked so you can come the week you desire. A couple weeks in June are already completely full! If you are already in the book please get your deposit to us as soon as possible. We would like anyone in the book right now to have their deposits sent in by November 1st at the latest.

We plan on doing some more upgrades to cabins this winter. We aren’t sure which ones we will be working on yet. Any suggestions from our guests would be appreciated. We will also be doing some upgrades to our fleet of boats. Not sure exactly what is being replaced or upgraded but it will be an improvement!

We are currently getting the last of the cabins shut off and shrink wrapping all of our boats. We should be done with all of our shutdown stuff by the end of next week then we will start our fall projects. We are also sneaking away from time to time to go fishing and hunting. We have 1 group of resident moose hunters coming in a week to try their luck so we will be posting pictures if they have any success.

Look for a blog soon with the sport show schedule and latest camp news! Again, thank you to all guests, you all made our season wonderful. We already looking forward to next season!!

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