MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR from our family to yours! Our off-season is going well. Hunting season is winding down and ice fishing is gearing up. We are enjoying a bit of time off here in Northwest Ontario before the sports show season comes around.

The 2019 fishing season at Manotak Lodge was THE best we have seen in our five years owning the lodge. We attribute much of the success to our conservation efforts. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with our lake size limits and know it is paying off in both numbers and size of fish. We posted a detailed re-cap on our blog if you want to check out the fishing details.

We have some great things in store for the 2020 fishing season. We have replaced 3 boats with used, but much better boats. We will also be upgrading a couple motors to newer ones with less hours. We have not yet decided if we want to do a major renovation in a cabin, much like cabin 16, or if we want to do lots of small things to a few different cabins. Cabin 3 will be getting a new deck. The toilet in cabin 14 will be replaced along with the rotten subfloor underneath. We apologize again for anyone who stayed in cabin 14 last year, but the cabin was booked non-stop and the bathroom must be torn up a few days to finish the repair. We have a lot of painting to do as well. Those are the planned projects for now, but we do plan on doing a few more. We also plan to continue replacing a few mattresses each season. Of course, you can always count on our amazing staff to provide the best service to you while you are on your vacation!

As for sport shows, you will see us at the following:
January 3- January 5 Milwaukee All Canada Show
January 3- January 5 see Ron and Don at the Lets Go Fishing Show- Collinsville, IL
January 9-January 12 Chicago All Canada Show
January 16- January 19 Green Bay All Canada Show
February 28-March 1 Madison Fishing Expo
March 13-15 Eastern Iowa Sportshow in Cedar Falls, IA
April 2-5 Northwest Sportshow Minneapolis, MN

If you made a reservation this summer for 2020, deposits were due as of November 1st. If you haven’t been in touch with us about your reservation or sent your deposit, please call us! If somebody wants the cabin and week you are written down for and we have not received a call or email by December 30th we will need to release the cabin. Please phone us if you are not sure about your reservation and deposit. We hope you understand, we have to know what is open before we head out to the sport shows. Cabins are getting limited for several weeks, so please get your deposit sent in and your spots reserved. We don’t want anyone missing out on a fun fishing trip to Manotak Lodge!

Manotak Lodge will be featured on the Ontario Experience in 2020 on The Sportsman Channel! Mark your calendars and set those DVRs!

Jan. 7th: Tuesday 6:30 am ET (Prime)
Jan. 8th: Wednesday 12:00 pm ET (Run)
Jan. 9th: Thursday 3:00 am ET (Bonus)
Jan. 10th: Friday 7:00 pm ET (Prime)

April 7th: Tuesday 6:30 am ET (Prime)
April 8th: Wednesday 12:00 pm ET (Run)
April 9th: Thursday 3:00 am ET (Bonus)
April 10th: Friday 8:00 pm ET (Prime)

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We hope everyone has a fantastic winter. We cannot wait to see new guests and returning guests and friends at the upcoming sport shows!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!
Steve & Christine

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