Big fish is what we are seeing at Manotak Lodge! I know we said we would do weekly fish reports but we have been too busy cleaning fish!

Here is the breakdown by species:

Walleye – Many 30” have been caught so far this season. Tons of walleye 25– 29” being caught and released! With some days being difficult to catch eater size walleye. Proof positive that our lake rule of not taking any walleye over 18” is working very well!

Northern Pike – Several over 35” have been caught. Pike have really multiplied over the past 2 years so you will not have an issue catching them.

Smallmouth Bass – The largest we have heard about was 18”. Many have been caught and released over 13”. These bass are like footballs!

Musky – We are going into our 3rd week of musky season. We have not had a lot of guests targeting musky yet but the ones who have are seeing and raising a lot of musky, many in the high 40s range

Thank you to everyone who is arriving at the 3PM check-in time or after. We know you are anxious for your trip but arriving early makes it harder for us to do our jobs and prepare the cabins and boats for your stay.

Remember you can get your fishing license online before arrival!

Thank you to all our guests who tip our wonderful staff also! Tips are optional but we have fantastic staff who go above and beyond to see to your needs so please consider tipping them. We have envelopes in the office for this purpose and can answer any questions you have.

Please send us your photos from this season if you have not done so! We have a website update planned for the off season so need recent photos of big fish!

Thank you very much for choosing to spend your vacation at Manotak Lodge!

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