Week 3 was another fantastic week of fishing here in Northwest Ontario! The weather started out cold and very windy. The last few days of the week the weather warmed up and got beautiful. Fishing was steady all week for all species.
Walleye have started to move to the “transition spots” but are still being found in the typical spring spots also. Drum Island was a hot spot this week along with East Bay/ Ord Bay area. This week we had an incredible amount of big fish caught. We saw 2 30 inch fish caught and we lost track of how many 25-29 inchers were caught. Minnows were the key this week once again paired with a 1/16th or 1/8th oz. jig.
Bass fishing this week really heated up. We have pictures of countless 17-20 inch bass. The hot bait for bass was crank baits and flukes. Church lake was a hot spot along with Drum Island and 2nd Bay.
Pike are still hanging around the weedlines in 6-8ft of water. We had a group catch 15 pike over the 27inch mark in a couple hours 1 evening. The hot bait for them was frozen ciscos. Jackfish, East Bay, and Ord Bay were the hot spots.
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Happy fishing to all!
-Manotak Lodge

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