Week 10 Fishing Report

Another amazing week of fishing is in the books! We are still asking ourselves over and over how we got so lucky to own a place on such an amazing fishery! It seems like every night on the dock we here about someone catching 25-30 inch walleye. most people this week had over a 20 inch average on all of their walleye. All of these fish are being caught on any hump on the lake. 14-18 feet of water has been the majic number lately. We about had the 5th 40 inch pike caught but it came up just shy at 38 inches. The young man caught this pike on a spinner bait (I think) in Jackfish by the island. Bass have still been going crazy as usual on leeches, shad raps, and still seeing a few caught on top water. Perch are stilling doing very well in Rainy. My advice to a perch fisherman would be to give Church Lake a try because there has been close to 0 fishing pressure up there!Camp is a little over half full this week, so we are able to do some painting with all of this hot weather and sunshine. Cabin 1 is almost complete with all new orange paint on the trim. Week 11 is now starting and we have quite a few long time guests in camp. We are looking forward to an amazing week of fishing and hoping that everyone can catch a trophy of a lifetime!Happy fishing and safe travels!- Christine

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