The leaves are nearly all fallen from the trees here at Manotak Lodge in Perrault Falls, ON. The weather has been incredibly gorgeous and perfect for a little fishing, grouse hunting and ATV riding. We know winter is not far behind, but that brings snow machine riding, ice fishing, and wolf hunting! We are not open in the winter currently, but wonder what the interest level might be for ice fishing and/or hunting winter adventures. If you have thoughts on this let us know!

We had an incredible season of fishing! Lindner’s Angling Edge pros were at Manotak Lodge in August! We can’t tell you how excited we are to see footage of Jeremy Smith and James Lindner catching fish on Perrault Lake. We understand they will be discussing structure fishing. It will be an incredible 30-minute show you won’t want to miss!

Did we tell you the 2017 fishing season was amazing? We had over 20 walleyes caught over 30 inches. As always, the northern and bass fishing was fantastic. Many northern in the high 30 inch rage and plentiful bass 17-20 inches. Musky fishing was great this year with tons of high 40s fish caught and more 50-55 inch fish seen than ever. On the August full moon, a group raised 30 Musky in one day. Perrault lake has been described as the “perfect lake” by many and for good reason. Of our 3 years, 2017 was the best yet for numbers of fish and for size of fish. Come see us in 2018 and find out for yourself how awesome it feels to catch a trophy fish!

We are always working to make improvements for our guests’ enjoyment and comfort. We continue to work on painting – there is a lot to paint at Manotak! We completed many deck board replacements on cabins and the lodge and will have a new floating dock next summer. We are very excited about the new dock layout. As always, we service our boat motors twice a year and have replaced about 6 boat decks with new vinyl flooring. We are also trying out some new seats from Millennium (you may have heard this name as they make deer tree stands). Overall the feedback has been positive – they dry quickly and are comfortable and roomy. We are hoping these seats will prove to be more durable than the current seats, which tend to break easily. We shrink wrap our boats each season to keep them looking good and hopefully they will last longer.

On the technology front, we continue to offer free Wi-Fi in every cabin. We realize cabins 1, 1A and 15 have slower service but, with satellite technology, that is the best we can do for now. We are excited we found and successfully installed a new dock camera in August. This camera will be live on the website we hope by the end of October! I know it’s been a whole year without it and we are sincerely sorry it’s taken so long to get it fixed. Speaking of fixing technology in NW Ontario, you may have tried to phone us from the end of September to mid-October and received no answer or machine. Bell Canada has just now fixed our land line! We have it forwarded to our cell phone, so we won’t miss any of your future calls.

We will be working on an updated menu this winter so if you have ideas, let’s hear them! We added many options to the salad bar this year and felt it was better than ever. If you come on the housekeeping plan and would like to try one of our delicious meals, please let us know. One of our favorites is steak and shrimp with blueberry pie and ice cream on Thursdays!

Our guest book for 2018 is filling up fast, particularly for June. If you have not made your reservation, give us a call! If you reserved your cabin when you left camp this summer and have not paid your deposit, November 1, 2017, is the deadline. All other deposits are due within 14 days of booking to finalize the reservation. Please mail to: Manotak Lodge, General Delivery Hwy 105, Perrault Falls, ON P0V2K0 (use 3 regular stamps or 1 international stamp.) Any questions please let us know!

Some administrative items to note before we close:

Fishing license – you may purchase your license and outdoor card online prior to arriving in camp if you prefer.

Gratuities – The staff very much appreciates your tips. One thing that will help us all out is if you please, please, please remember to bring cash for those tips. I have been advised that next year, tips paid with a check will have to be added to the employee’s paycheck, which means less gratuity for the staff and more administrative burden. We want our staff to receive the maximum tip possible so, please bring cash.

Price list for 2018 – No increase in price! We have included the cost of the upgrade boat in the package plans because 99% of all guests upgraded their boat package. Please give us a call if you have questions. Everything will be posted on the website shortly.

Keep following us on social media! We are the most active on Facebook but also have accounts on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. You just might win a contest!! And, keep watching for the big announcement of the airing of the show on Lindner’s Angling Edge!

We hope to see many of you at one of our sport shows this winter. Our schedule will be posted on the website and to the blog soon! We are excited to see you in 2018! Stay in touch!

Your friends,

Steve & Christine Swafford


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