There is nothing better than the cool air of fall and the changing colors. It is also the perfect time for hunting and fishing! At Manotak Lodge, our four-star lodge is the perfect place for trophy fishing and hunting. Fish for muskies and hunt for grouse in Northwest Ontario. With a fantastic trophy fishery, quality accommodations, excellent meals, and friendly service, your fall hunting and fishing trip will be one to remember.


Ruffled Grouse is a medium-sized, non-migratory game bird. They live in forests from the Appalachian Mountains across Canada to Alaska. These chunky, medium-sized birds weigh between 2-3 pounds and are 16 to 20 inches in length and span 20 to 25 inches across their short, strong wings. Ruffed Grouse have two distinct colors, gray and brown. Both sexes have a crest on top of their head, which sometimes lies flat. A way to tell the sexes apart is a single white dot on the rump feathers indicate a female, while more than one dot indicates a male.

Ruffed Grouse hunting season opens Sept 15th! A simple drive down a side road at Manotak Lodge will produce an abundance of Ruffed Grouse.You can also hunt for a wide variety of ducks and geese. After a morning of hunting Grouse, take the afternoon and fish for a trophy Muskie on Perrault Lake or our remote Muskie only lake.


Muskie, also known as Muskellunge, can be the most difficult to find. Muskies are members of the pike family. The name comes from an Ojibwa word, meaning “ugly pike.” Muskies are light green, brown, or silver, and usually, have dark bars running up and down their long bodies. They have elongated bodies, flat heads, and dorsal, pelvic and anal fins set far back on their bodies. On average a Muskie weighs between 15–36 pounds and is 28–48 inches long. We have had several 50″ trophy Muskie caught on Perrault Lake. A Muskie waits in the weeds and then lunges forward, clamping its large jaw onto their prey.

As fall approaches, the surface water starts to cool down. Walleye and Bass centralize, and it will provide some of the best fishing ever. In late September, it is trophy Muskie time. We offer day trips to our remote Muskie only lake where on an average day it is common to catch 3 to 5 Muskies, and 10-15 follows.


This fall join us for a hunting and fishing adventure. Schedule a seven-day trip between September 16 – October 31 and enjoy a fantastic deal, with incredible fishing, hunting, and views. Our 2017 Fall Hunting & Fishing Special includes the housekeeping packages and the following standard amenities for your 7-day trip:

  • Fully modern lakefront cabin
  • 18-foot boat equipped with comfortable seats, aerated livewell, and fish finder
  • 50 HP electric start Yamaha motor, electric tilt, and 28 gallons of gas
  • Landing net, floating minnow bucket, anchor, and throw cushions are supplied with the boat. Please bring your own life jackets
  • Battery charging
  • Fish cleaning house and fish wrapping paper provided for your use. Freezer space available.
  • Complimentary ice
  • Full use of our many camp facilities (satellite TV and pool table in the lodge)
  • Towels & bedding

Two people per boat are $475 each. Three people per boat are $450 per person, and if you bring your own boat, it is $425 for each individual. Making it easy for you to explore the beauty of fall in Northwest Ontario.

After a day of exploring the fall colors and catching the perfect fish or grouse, get comfy in your cabin at Manotak Lodge. With a housekeeping plan, your fall trip will be easy just like hooking your trophy Muskie. Check out our accommodations and take advantage of our amazing 2017 Fall Hunting & Fishing Special in Northwest Ontario. Don’t waste any more time because the season is almost over. Call now to book! 800-541-3431 or, email

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