Fishing – Week 6 & 7 = BIG Walleye

The theme for weeks 6 and 7 was BIG walleye! Many caught in the 25″-30″ range and Jim Olson caught the largest of his fishing career at 31″! Will have a picture of that posted to Facebook, Twitter, and the website as soon as they can send it. As a reminder, please send us pictures from your trip! manotak1945@gmail.comOR Thank you!The best fishing report was posted by Guide Mike on the week 5 blog report. Here it is:”Top water bass has been beyond description!, the pike have been slow but always around, only my thoughts but, I think using Mark’s method will now produce. Counting down bulldogs or any other lure you may choose. Perch are coming in good numbers, a 14 incher has been brought in! Muskie? I’ve caught them just casting for bass, numbers of fish have been great, keeping Earl busy as can be, a good man who will take good care of you! On a more personal note, the humps are hitting big time, rocking!” ~Guide MikeWhen you arrive in camp we will make sure you get a map and help mark some hot spots. We enjoyed celebrating Canada Day with our Canadian friends on July 1st and look forward to our July 4th celebration tomorrow! We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting each guest and getting to know you all. It is hard to believe how fast the fishing season is flying by. We have experienced some glitches with our internet service but have a call into our tech to check it out. It works most of the time but we have had some outages. This has greatly affected the web cam. We know it’s been off more than on, but not much we can do. The good news is that internet is available in ALL cabins! We recently updated the menu with some new items as well. The biggest change is on Friday nights. We are now serving a gourmet burger bar and make your own poutine station!  Poutine (/puːˈtiːn/; French: [putin], Quebec French:[put͡sɪn] ) is a Canadian dish (originating in the province of Quebec) made with french fries and cheese curds topped with a light brown gravy-like sauce. If you don’t feel like cooking on your last day in camp, come join us for dinner at 6! You can add this meal to your housekeeping plan for $20. We ask for 24 hours notice in order to prepare the right amount of food.Until next week…- Christine

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