Fishing Report and Camp Updates

Another great week of fishing is in the books! Several giant Walleyes caught this week! One 30 incher was caught by Guide Willie, a 29″ was caught by Craig Allen (cabin 4) and too many 20-27s to list! The humps have been producing great! 1st, 2nd, and 3rd humps have been producing great along with the Burnt Island humps and the always good Sandbar. This week people have had the best luck fishing the edges of humps in 10-20 feet of water using a jig a leech and a BOBBER! Yes I just said bobber! something about the way the bobber is presenting the leech is triggering the fish to come off the bottom and hit it! This method most likely will not work long and the best method will be jigging the bottom here very soon. Pike have been good out from weedlines and on top of humps. People are still catching a few bass on top-water but most of the bass have been caught on leeches on tops of humps. Perch fishing has been un-real in Rainy Lake. Guests brought close to 1000 perch out this week alone! Looking forward to be doing some fishing ourselves this week!As guests know we have not had the best of luck with cooks this year. Things didn’t work out again which put Christine back in the kitchen along with all of her other work. Thankfully we are very, very happy to tell everyone that Tammy (the cook from last year) is back part time until the end of the year!We had a big storm come through this morning and washed out the diveway, so we have been grading and raking gravel all morning! Our knives are sharp and ready to clean all of your fish! Looking forward to the rest of the season!Happy fishing and safe travels to all!- Christine

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