It has been a while since we have done a fishing report so we will try to catch everyone up on how things have been this summer. July was an awesome month of fishing. We had 7 walleyes over 30 inches caught and RELEASED for the next lucky guy/ girl to catch! Lots of big bass as always and lots of big pike. We haven’t seen very many 40+ inch pike this year but we have seen better numbers of 35-39 inchers than ever before. Overall it has been the best fishing this year we have ever seen!
Walleye fishing lately has been great. Everyone assumes that the best time to come to NW Ontario walleye fishing is May and June. While that is a good time of year for fishing, we have seen year after year that mid July to mid September is by far the best time for walleyes. We enjoy this time of year mostly because there are far more spots to fish. There are so many ways to fish this time of year also. Slip bobbers with leeches have been great this year along with the old school jig and minnow or jig and leech on the bottom. This year has been the first we have seen it but we have been using #7 Rapala jiggin raps. This is a fun way to catch the walleye but doesn’t always work as well as live bait. Right now the fish have moved into 18-25 ft of water and are concentrated on rock structure such as long main lake points and rock humps. Biggest walleye we have seen this year is 32″ and we have seen 2 of them!
Northern fishing has been amazing this year. We have seen more mid to high 30s fish than ever before. Right now the best method to catch the big northerns are using big swim baits and counting them down on the humps. Big northern for the year so far is 42 inches!
Bass fishing has been good this year as always. Just recently the bas have moved deep. The best methods for bass fishing lately is fishing deep weeds and rock piles. With fineness jigs such as tubes, Texas rigs, dropshots, and crawfish colored jigs. Big bass for the year was just over 5lbs!
Our Musky fishermen have been having lots of fun this year! Biggest fish we’ve seen has been 47 but we have had a few groups who have had hooks in mid 50s fish. On the full moon early August 2 guys fished all day and saw 30 different Muskies and caught 3 with the biggest being 45 inches.
Overall the lake is as healthy as ever and the fishing is better than ever. Fall special starts in a week with the buy one get one half off in the best fishing time of the year. We have been catching up and doing some projects around camp which included a new deck on cabin 1, new stairs on cabin 9, new stairs and pain on the lodge, and we are building a new floating dock to add to the waterfront!
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